DVIP: What makes it hard to be a man in today’s society?

What makes it hard to be a man in today’s society?

These are the expectations that society has for men that it does not have for women (this does not mean that women are to blame for men’s hardship because women are socialized into their sex roles just as men are socialized into theirs).

What are some of society’s expectations of men?

Yell at people
Have no emotions
Get good grades
Stand up for themselves
Don’t cry
Don’t make mistakes
Don’t back down
Push people around
Can “take it”

Men are:
In control
Dominant over women

Is male privilege really beneficial for men?

It is time to look more closely at the current roles for men, and make a conscious decision as to whether it is beneficial to continue upholding these ideas of male privilege.

Neither man, nor society, can afford to continue to ignore the harmful effects that their present roles have on them. Because of systematic or regular abuse done to men by society, they hurt others because they are hurt.
Men are the primary victims of violence in our society. In addition to being the primary victims of violence, men are also the primary perpetrators of violence, and not just toward women. Gang violence today tells us that this is only part of the story. So does the fact that rape among incarcerated men equals or exceeds that of women.
Men are using the very scripts that they have honored from generation to generation to unleash violence against each other.

What happens when a man moves away from any of society’s expectations?
He has ‘reduced” himself, according to society, to being like a woman. He has emasculated himself. How do we know this? Because of the names that other men, and even women, call men that do this. I’m sure you can think of some.
With so much at stake, is it easier to see how men could develop an attitude of contempt toward women? Even women they love?


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