Excerpts from The Domestic Violence Sourcebook by Dawn Bradley Berry, J. D.

Excerpts from The Domestic Violence Sourcebook by Dawn Bradley Berry, J. D.
Approximately 50% of all homeless women and children in America are fleeing domestic violence.
• 25 to 33% of men who batter their wives also sexually abuse their children.
• 25% of all women who are battered are abused while they are pregnant.
• 33% of women treated in emergency rooms are victims of violence.
• Studies indicate that between 25% and 50% of all women will be abused at least one time in their lives.
• Rape is a regular form of abuse in about 50% of violence relationships.
• More women leave the workforce permanently because of domestic violence than leave to raise children.
• According to the March of Dimes, battering during pregnancy is the leading cause of birth defects and infant mortality-more than the birth defects caused by all diseases for which people are routinely inoculated combined.
In one study of violent homes, all sons over fourteen attempted to protect their mothers. 62% were injured in the process. Another study found that 63% of the males between the ages of 15 and 20 who are incarcerated for homicide are there because they killed their mother’s batterers.
• Businesses lose about $100 million annually in lost wages, sick leave, absenteeism, and non- productivity as a direct result of domestic violence.
• Medical expenses for treating victims of domestic violence total at least $3 billion to $5 billion annually.
• According to a 1995 FBI survey, a woman is battered in the United States every seven seconds.
• According to the national Centers for Disease Control, more women are treated in emergency rooms for battering injuries than for muggings, rapes and traffic accidents combined.
• Battering contributes to one quarter of all suicide attempts by women generally, and half of all suicide attempts by African American women.
• 74% of abused woman who work outside the home are harassed by their abusers at work, either in person or by telephone. 56% are late for work at least 5 times a month because of their abusers. 54% miss at least three full days of work a month, and 20% lose their jobs because of abuse.
• Weapons are used in 30% of domestic violence incidents.
• According to FBI data, four women a day are murdered by a male partner. Over 30% (some estimate over 50%) of all murders of woman in America are committed by intimate partners.
• Studies of woman killed by a husband or boyfriend show that 90% of the victims had reported at least one prior incident of abuse. The average number of calls to a scene before a domestic homicide is eight.
• Up to 6 million women are believed to be beaten in their homes each year. 4 million single incidents are reported. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates that up to 90% of battered women never report their abuse.
• Women who have divorced or separated from their abusers report being battered I-I times as often as those still living with their partners do.
• It is estimated that 73% of the emergency room visits, and up to 75% of calls to the police for domestic violence incidents occur after separation.
• According to the American Medical Association, family violence kills as many women every five years as the total number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.
• Homicide is the second leading cause of death for woman ages fifteen to twenty four.


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