Rules for Participation in DVIP

1. You are not excused if you have: car problems, childcare problems, are working, or just cannot attend group that night. The only absences excused would be a death in the family or a health emergency with documentation.
2. You will not be allowed to make up a class unless you talk with Janet. If you sit in on another group without permission, no credit will be given for that group.
3. If you are more than five minutes late you will not be allowed to stay in group. You must remain in group for the entire two hours to receive credit for the group.
4. You must remain current with your weekly fees. If you are behind and do not pay, you will be asked to leave and will need to contact Janet before the next group.
5. Cell phones must be turned off while in group. If you answer them you will be asked to leave the group and no credit will be given for that group.
6. You will need to bring a pen and paper (or folder) each week you attend class. Also, include the packet of information you were given at intake. You will need to turn in any homework assigned by the facilitator.
7. It is your responsibility to keep track of your attendance and payment, The facilitators will not go over this every week. You will also need to keep all of your receipts.
8. Children are not allowed in group.
9. If you have any questions, it is your responsibility to be the one to call. We cannot talk to your partner to make any arrangements.
10. You can only make up class within the same week. if you would like to sit in on another group you will need to call and make arrangements. In order to make up a class you will need permission from Janet.
11. No food of any kind will he allowed into group. Beverages are allowed.
12. Sunglasses are not permitted in group unless they are prescription.
13. All hats with “bills” must be turned upward and not covering the eyes.
14. Police Reports must be provided by the third week of group. ‘They may be obtained from the police department or your attorney, however, not your probation officer.


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