Common Acronyms

Acronym List



ACE                 Anger Control Education

ARRA              American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

BBBS              Big Brothers Big Sisters

BEST              Building Excellence Sustainability Trust

CAC                Child Advocacy Center

CCJ                 Center for Civil Justice

CDBG             Community Development Block Grant

CHILL              Civility Helps Individuals Live Longer (now at the GISD)

CMH                Community Mental Health

COC                Continuum of Care (Group of homeless service providers who develop regional plan to apply for MSHDA                               and HUD Funding)

CPS                Child Protective Services

CVSC              Crime Victim Services Commission (part of MDCH)

DHS                Department of Human Services

DV                   Domestic Violence

DVAM              Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October)

DVAP              Domestic Violence Awareness Project

DVIP                Domestic Violence Intervention Program

DVOC             Domestic Violence Outreach Counselor

DVPTB            Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board

ERT                 Emergency Response Team

ES                   Essential Services

ESFP              Emergency Shelter Food Program (formerly FEMA)

ESG                Emergency Shelter Grant

ESG                Emergency Shelter Grant (MSHDA Funding)

EVAW             End Violence Against Women

FBEM              Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

FEMA              Federal Emergency Management Act (pays per diem for shelter nights up to capped amount – allocated by county advisory boards)

FIA                   Family Independence Agency (now DHS)

FVPSA            Family Violence Prevention & Services Act (fed. Funds through MDVPTB support the DVSS Grant)

GCBA              Genesee County Bar Association

GCCARD        Genesee County Community Action Resource Department

GHP                Genesee Health Plan

GISD               Genesee Intermediate School District

GLA                 Great Lakes Alliance

HMC                Hurley Medical Center

HPRP              Homeless Prevention & Rapid Rehousing Program

HRS                Housing Resource Specialist

HUD                US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

IAFN                International Association of Forensic Nurses

IARC                Intake, Assessment, and Referral Center, Inc. (drug rehab services)

LGBT               Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered/Transsexual

LSEM              Legal Services of Eastern Michigan

MCADSV         Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

MDCH             Michigan Department of Community Health

MDVPTB         Michigan Domestic Violence Prevention & Treatment Board

MPRI               Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative

MSHDA           Michigan State Housing Development Authority

NCADV            National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

NCLB              No Child Left Behind

NSPT              New Service Provider Training

NSVRC           National Sexual Violence Resource Center

NWLB             No Worker Left Behind

OVC                Office for Victims of Crime

OVW               Office of Violence Against Women

PCC                Permanency Case Conference

PPECM           Planned Parenthood of East Central Michigan

PPO                Personal Protection Order

PSH                 Permanent Supportive Housing (MSHDA funding for rental vouchers)

PTSD              Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

RAINN             Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

RFP                 Request For Approval

RPS                Rape Prevention Services

SA                   Sexual Assault

SAAM              Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)

SAFE               Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner

SANE              Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

SART              Sexual Assault Response Team

SER                State Emergency Relief (administered by Salvation Army – pays per diem for shelter nights up to capped amount)

SHP                 Supportive Housing Program (HUD funding for Sara’s House & rental vouchers – vouchers provide leverage for MSHDA PSH grant)

STEP              Students in Transition Empowerment Program

STOP              Services, Training, Officers, & Prosecutors (fed. Funds through MDVPTB support non-residential staff and subcontracts with community partners)

SVRI                Sexual Violence Research Initiative

TBRA              Tenant Based Rental Assistance

TDM                Team Decision Making (meeting)

TSH                 Transitional Supportive Housing (MDVPTB funding for rental vouchers)

UWSS             United Way Support Services

VAAA               Valley Area Agency on Aging

VAW                Violence Against Women

VAWA              Violence Against Women Act

VOCA              Victims of Crime Act (CVSC funding for nonresidential services)

WHO               World Health Organization

WIA                 Workforce Investment Act